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      ABout us

      Company Profile

      Zhejiang Tianzhu Textile Machinery Co., LTD. was founded in May 1991, is a production of replica watches sale textile machinery medium enterprise. The company is located in the zhejiang shangyu chapter town industrial zone, covers an area of 68 mu. And 104 national highway adjacent, 100 kilometers from hangzhou, shaoxing 35 kilometers, traffic is very convenient.

      The company mainly produces TZ staple, chemical fiber and silk two-for-one twister series, TZ and yarn machine series. The products are widely services in domestic chemical fiber, cotton, silk industry. The company produces the spindle and frame bobbin variety complete, favored by the vast number of customers.

      In the past, tianzhu for Chinese textile machinery revolution had made great efforts, in the swiss replica watches future, tianzhu by new modern enterprise management concepts, in textile machinery in place.

      We will use our intelligence and quick serious spirit, into the daily progress of the textile machinery technology change!

      Our aim is: customer satisfaction, is the enterprise attention; Manufacturing zero defect equipment is the fake watches pursuit of the company;

      Constantly improve the quality management system is the enterprise product guarantee; Integrity responsible is our commitment.